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Self Contained Units (SLP)

Select the product options below. Once you have the options selected click the 'Accept Options' button at the bottom of the form. The following screen will take you to the specification file which you can edit before downloading.

Chassis Standard Self Contained Chassis with hoist
Operation Right Hand Collection
Collection Arm Configuration Manual Underslung Boom (Standard) Manual (Overhead Boom) Proportional Hydraulic Controls & Seat (Under slung boom) Proportional Hydraulic Controls & Seat (Overhead Boom) Wireless Proportional Controls & Seat (Under slung boom) Wireless Proportional Controls & Seat (Overhead Boom) Wireless Proportional Controls (NO Seat) (Under slung boom) Wireless Proportional Controls (No Seat) (Overhead boom)
Jack Manual Crank Drop Foot Jack (Standard) Hydraulic Jack
Engine 74 H.P. Kubota Diesel (Tier 4) 74 H.P. Kohler Diesel (Tier 4) 120 H.P. Kohler Diesel (Tier 4)
Fuel Tank 50 Gallon
Fan Size Standard Fan
Transmission Coupler Hand Clutch Fluid Coupler
Finish FInish
Standard Equipment Wheel Chocks/Extinguisher/Flashers
Pro Plus Only Options
Other Installed Options Containment Hood Tarp Rods Tarp Included Angled Seat Directional Light Bar Wireless Camera System Fuel Sending Unit Tool/Rake Holder Spare Tire Elbow Liner Clean Out Door OPERATOR'S HOOD

Please double check all options before proceding. Accepting the options will create a specification to edit. If you are editing the options, it will overwrite any previously saved specification.