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Moldboard Style Expressway Steel Full Trip Moldboard
Moldboard Bottom Angle Thickness 1/2" Bottom Angle (Standard) 3/4" Bottom Angle (ILO Standard)
Table & A-Frame Metropolitan Power Reversing Table and A-Frame Assembly Manual Reverse Metropolitan
Tripping Mechanism Compression Spring Tripping Assemblies Extension Spring Tripping with Torsion Trip Edge
Cutting Edge Cutting Edge No Cutting Edge Required
Curb Shoes
Finish FInish
Plow Hookup Bonnell Quick Attach Loop Swivel Bar with Push Ears, 30-1/2" Centers QL2 - Quick Link Swivel Bar (Flink Style) MC-6000 Swivel Bar (Monroe Style) Penn Dot Swivel Bar (Viking) Swiver Bar with Push Ears, 21" Centers 29" Husting Hitch 34" Husting Hitch No Hook-up Required
Lifting Assembly Bonnell Level Raise Lift System Chain Lift Only Chain and Saddle Lift Cable Wrap Lifting System No Lift Assembly Required
Running Gear Bonnell Heavy-Duty Even-Wear Shoes Bonnell Carbide Heavy-Duty Even-Wear Shoes Heavy Duty Mushroom Shoes Standard Duty Mushroom Shoes 10" Kingpinless Steel Casters 5.70 x 8.00 Pneumatic Wheels 5.70 x 8.00 Foam-Filled Wheels No Running Gear Required
Plow Markers 36" Blaze Orange plow markers 24" Red cable plow markers 36" Orange Jumbo plow markers with bolt on brackets 24" Yellow Jumbo plow markers with bolt on brackets No Plow Markers Required
Other Installed Options Roller Kit for Husting Hitch Moldboard Shoes Nitraded Cylinder Rods 7 Gauge or 3/16" moldobard (ILO Standard) Extra extension-type trip-springs Rubber Flap Kit Extended front push beam on table Extra Ribs on High Country Plows Plow stand - installed Cushion valve - installed on plow

Please double check all options before proceding. Accepting the options will create a specification to edit. If you are editing the options, it will overwrite any previously saved specification.