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Large Stainless Steel V-Box Spreader (BV-SS)

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Body BV-SS Body
Conveyor 3/8x1-1/2 Cross Bars, Every Other Link 3/8x1-1/2 Cross Bars, Every Link
Belt Over Chain Not Required Cold Belt (212 degrees F)
Spinner Assembly Bottom Mounted Top Mounted, 3 Adjustable Deflectors Top Mounted, 4 Adjustable Deflectors Top Mounted, 3 Adjustable Deflectors, 5 Position Baffles
Spinner Disc 18 in. Steel Disc 20 in. Steel Disc 20 in. Poly Disc
Spinner Extension Rigid Extension Swing Up Extension Rigid Diverter Swing Up Diverter
Inverted V Inverted V - Stainless Steel No Inverted V
Top Screens Top Screens for SS hoppers No Top Screens
Finish Non Painted Stainless Steel
Light Bars No Light Bar Required Light Bar, 4 LED Stop Turn Tails Light Bar, 2 LED Stop Turn Tails, 2 Yellow flashers Light bar assembly. 2 L.E.D., 2 white backup lights Light bar assembly. 4 L.E.D. Stainless Steel enclosure Light bar assembly. 2 L.E.D. Stainless steel enclosure
BV Options BV Spreader Leg Stand Engine Driven Hydraulic Unit - SS Grease Extension Carbon steel tailgate latch kit. Dump body mounting kit Chassis mounting kit. Chain oiler Sloped front Winch assembly Stainless steel catwalks Cab shield - SS Ladder - 304 Stainless steel Observation platform - Stainless steel Short hose kit Sensored motor Rubber spill shields

Please double check all options before proceding. Accepting the options will create a specification to edit. If you are editing the options, it will overwrite any previously saved specification.